Taking Time To Reflect: my thoughts on my business so far

This week I was reflecting on what I can offer my clients.

I work with women who want to build a business. Who want to be their own boss and find a way to earn a decent, flexible income that suits themselves and their families.

But who am I to do that?

I’m no Richard Branson. I haven’t made a million (yet!). I didn’t have a clever idea for a widget that got me a starring role in the Apprentice or featured on Dragons Den.

But I realised: that’s ok. When I thought about it, I do have SO much to offer my clients:

  • I hold a Degree in Management and a Post-Grad Certificate in Business Enterprise.
  • I am a qualified Coach with two certified Diplomas, in Executive and Personal & Professional Coaching.
  • I’ve spent 15 years working in business; getting paid to deliver research, marketing, project management, fundraising and staff development.
  • I’ve gained hundreds of hours of experience coaching, training and mentoring solopreneurs, social enterprises, freelancers, artists and creative practitioners.
  • I’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to experiencing first-time freelancing/business ownership.

I tried, stalled, failed, tried again and learned important lessons along the way – about valuing my worth, the strength of good contacts, managing a workload without a boss to answer to, and shaping a strong offer.


My Journey since then…

After my initial foray into freelancing, 5 years ago I decided to put my business endeavours on hold and go back to a day job. I re-grouped, paid off some debts, bought a house and had a baby. It was a busy few years! In 2016, I made the decision to quit my job whilst on maternity leave, and returned to being my own boss. A little older, a lot wiser and ready and willing to do what it takes to make a success of it for me and my new little family.


Where I am now

I’ve realised that mindset, determination, self-belief and a support network who ‘gets’ you and your dreams are just as important as getting on and doing the work.

In addition, social media and technology is now opening doors that mean working for yourself is no longer a pipe dream; it’s a practical reality. Compared to ten, even five years ago, we are presented with opportunities that are making overnight start-up success a genuine possibility. That doesn’t mean doing things on a shoestring and struggling either; I honestly believe anyone can make their own business pay in the same way a ‘proper’ job would, but with so many added benefits. No commute, flexible hours, working from home, choose your own rates… the list goes on and on.


What I want

I want now to share my business experience and use my coaching skills to help women, like you, who are in need of an alternative. Together we can find a way to make work, work for you. Returning to the old job after mat leave often no longer makes sense (for so many reasons).

Explore your choices, and see what could happen if you finally went for it and started up your own thing, or grew that small side project or hobby-business into a serious proposition.

As ever, drop me a line if you want to chat further about what your options are.

Lucy x

On your own start-up adventure?

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