The One Thing That Will Help You To Find Focus


I’ve blogged before about the power of asking a good question. Now thanks to the brilliant and challenging Game Changers course run by Guilty Mothers Club that I’m currently taking part in, I’ve recently come across the genius of The One Thing, a book by Gary Keller that takes this to the extreme.

The book boils down all the great questions you can ask yourself to just ONE key question:

Whats the ONE THING you can do
such that by doing it,
everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

It sounds too simple. But think about it. Apply it to your life – to your work, your business, your relationships, your health. It provides astoundingly great answers every time, and is brilliant at focusing in on the stuff that actually gets us where we want to be.

I love this question and its got me coming up with new ideas and also getting to the crux of the matter with several goals I’ve been grappling with but never quite managed to get a handle on in the past. Its brilliant!

The question basically boils an issue down to its bare bones by identifying what action you can take that will get you the results you need. It cuts through the fluff and busy-ness we often keep ourselves occupied with, and helps get to the actions that will get results.

Try asking yourself The One Thing Question and let me know what insights you gain. I’d be keen to know if it has the same impact on you.





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