Some of the best business advice I’ve ever had is, that whatever your idea is, get it OUT OF YOUR HEAD! It may seem like a great mission to embark on to you, but you need to make sure that other people (your target market or ideal clients) also agree. This is the absolute best way to sense-check an idea and establish demand BEFORE you fork out loads of money on bringing your idea to life.

You could:

  1. Gather a focus group (aka: a night in + a bottle or two of prosecco) and road test your idea on a few honest friends – ask them questions, talk them through it, see if they like it.
  2. Put up a business page or start a group on Facebook outlining your idea, tag a few people and ask them for feedback. Jo of Humble Hostess did that and it worked a treat for her!
  3. Write a list of what you wish you knew about your idea. Create a free 10-question online survey with Survey Monkey and email it out to people you know, or post it on Facebook, and ask for replies. You could encourage responses with a prize draw to win a product you can offer, or that’s related to your area of business.
  4. Set up an Instagram account; follow people who may be interested in your business (they’ll likely follow you right back) to gather a small group to poll – then post teasers, or ask questions about your idea to gather more info and judge how people respond.

How do you road-test your ideas? Let me know and add your suggestions in the comments below!

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