My Mamas On A Mission Challenge was all about the value of taking baby steps, and I was inspired to blog again this week about the power of taking small but focused action on your ideas after realising an exciting new project myself – which you can see online here.

It was an idea I had when I was on a group coaching course; to produce a tangible product that complements the coaching I offer. It scratches a creative itch I’ve always had but hadn’t previously found an outlet for, and also fits with the Brand New Mum mission: of helping mothers to get organised and be creative.

Do you have an idea that have been hanging around for a while, but you’ve just never taken action on? Or maybe you have a few and you just haven’t settled on the ‘right’ idea yet, so have yet to start any of them?? Then I suggest you do a Reality Check Challenge!

A Reality Check gets you off the sofa and into action. It propels you into ‘doing’ mode and gets all of those floaty, vague ideas of doing-something-shiny-and-big-and-clever with your many talents into a much more focused, tangible state.

Your Reality Check project isn’t necessarily what you will end up doing as a business. That’s the whole idea, that you don’t have to choose now what exactly your venture will be, or how you will make money from what you do. Instead it is a way of getting you into action fast when you’re going round in circles or feeling totally stuck. It moves you quickly from head in the clouds ideas to real life stuff.

See it is a learning experience that I guarantee will give you valuable insights into how you like to work. The Reality Check is inspired by both the Prototype Projects that Marianne Cantwell describes in her book Free Range Humans, and the Play Projects John Williams talks about in Screw Work Lets Play. I’ve used a similar technique in several scenarios when I’ve felt stuck working towards a goal, and it’s always helped massively in getting out of a rut.

My new product line for example, is me just trying something out for size – I wasn’t sure how it would be received, or if it would be profitable long-term. But I decided to set aside any doubt and just give it a go, and the feedback has been fantastic so far. And when I got my first sale within a week of launching? I was so pleased I’d gone for it!!

Download the Challenge and let me know how you get on if you try it out – I’d love to hear your experiences.

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