When we get busy, as we all do at this time of year, it’s easy to accidentally put your big ideas on the back burner, and put everyone (and everything) else first.

The danger is that once you’ve lost momentum, you also lose the energy to pick things back up, and instead that ambition fades away and what should be a momentary interruption turns into the death of a project.

Instead of letting busy periods like the winter holidays put the brakes on your side projects, do it yourself, on purpose. Plan to put ideas on hold, projects to one side, and purposefully spend that precious time with friends and family making memories. Without feeling like you should be sneaking off to write a blog, post on social media or keep up with orders!

I’ve seen loads of fellow mamas post the online equivalent of an ‘out-of-office’ notification on their social media feeds – saying their shop is closed for new orders until January, or that they will be back online in two weeks. I think this is a great way to do this – plan for your downtime – don’t feel guilty about taking the time out! And don’t let it make you feel like you’ve lost focus. Plan when to stop, and plan when you will start again.

Take the time over this coming week or so to eat too much, lounge around in your new PJs and slippers, drink that prosecco, be merry and play umpteen silly games of charades. Know when you will be back at your desk or laptop working on your future plans, and until then – take a break!

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations Mamas x

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