Signature Sprint

Fast-track To Selling Your Signature Offer

It’s time to stop swapping your time for money and instead smash that income glass ceiling in your business! 💥

A simple, practical process walking you through creating £2k-£5k+ packages your clients will love, easily connect with strong prospects, sell confidently & get busy with the kind of bookings you *really* want – fast.

This programme is for women who pour their heart & soul into helping others – Coaches, Creatives, Consultants, Trainers – who….

  1. Are feeling unsure how to switch from day or session rates to high-value packages, so your income has plateaued. 
  2. Are ready to move away from a time-for-money model and onto consistent £5k+ months
  3. Are working with clients already and a have a pretty good network (either locally or online)
This one’s for you.

The outcome of the programme is simple: make the strategic shift from charging for your time to selling impactful signature packages of support instead – so you get paid for the OUTCOMES you deliver to clients, NOT the hours you clock up sitting at your desk.

Calling all Coaches, Creatives, Consultants…

Calling all Coaches, Creatives, Consultants…

Your Signature Offer

Your Signature service is the *thing* you can become known for – it’s the uniquely, undeniably YOU-shaped way of supporting your clients

A great Signature service has a few incredibly important key ingredients:

✅ It’s created for a Niche With A Need 

✅ It’s defined by a Clear A>B Process 

✅ It offers a Tangible Takeaway

✅ It’s got a Value-Based Price Tag

✅ It’s sold to a Budget-Holding Decision Maker

These are the key ingredients I’ll help you to easily identify in your own offer through your Signature Sprint


The end result: a clearly defined, focused offer you can’t wait to sell!

Is Signature Sprint for you?


This is for you, if…

  • You’re not a newbie in business. You have sold your services before, have clients and know your sector well, BUT are currently selling by the session, hour or on a day rate, and want to leave that behind and go beyond being the ‘hired help’.
  • You feel exhausted at the idea of posting, blogging and messing about with dancing reels – and would prefer to just talk to your clients directly, as the real-life adult humans they actually are!
  • You’ve never felt confident ‘selling’ (btw: that’s what happens when you’re not confident in your offer! 😒)  but you are REALLY ready to get past that!
  • You have an existing business network. This may include an email list and social channel, or a great business/personal network alone.
  • You’re very ready to start selling packages of impactful support worth £0000s to clients who light you up, and just wish you knew where to start.
  • You are a Coach, Consultant, Therapist, Trainer, Educator, Designer, Writer, Producer, Photographer… in fact anyone who offers a service that involves delivery 1:1 or in small groups, and/or some kind of creative, bespoke or highly personalised service.
Plant and glasses by laptop

BUT…this is NOT for you, if

  • You know exactly what you offer and don’t want to change it up
  • You’re happy with sticking at your current income level and far too busy to spend 60-90mins a week on business development activities
  • You’re not willing to stretch your comfort zone or try anything new 
  • You have zero faith in your business plans working out 
  • You’d rather stay stuck where you are than seek support, fresh input and ideas
  • You want to wait-and-see, rather than ‘get-on-and-do’!
  • You just want to sell a £100 power hour, rather than a £0000+ package of support

The 6 Signature Steps…


Plant and glasses by laptop

Step 1: Biz Support Blueprint

We’ll start by exploring what you help your clients with currently, what they *really* need from you and then map out the problem-solving processes you apply to your work that’s unique to you. We’ll look at exactly what transformation you provide for your clients and the key results they get from working with you.

Woman holding Like A Boss mug

Step 2: Nail Your Niche

This phase is alll about figuring out who your ideal client is, and speaking directly to problems they’re seeking solutions for, that YOU would love to support them with. We start by diving into an Ideal Client Immersion exercise, positioning you as an expert in your client’s world, and making sure you’re talking their language.

Step 3: Pricing For Profit

This is where we design your pricing structure that is based on value offered and outcomes delivered rather than your hours spent at a desk.

Time to experiment with a new way of working!

Step 4: Package Prototype

We gather everything you offer and start to get it out there; getting real world  feedback from potential clients and roadtesting your ideas.

This is the week that you get to start to see real-life responses and feeback on what you’ve been developing behind-the-scenes.

Step 5: Lead Flow Framework

We map your client journey and create a pitching process for your new package.

We’ll also develop your Consultative Selling Model which converts your prospects into paying clients, by focusing on supporting them and solving their BIGGEST problems.

Step 6: Successfully Selling

We set up your Confident Sales Structure so that you never feel like you’ve wasted an opportunity again, with a clear process for pre-qualifying leads, talking to prospects and winning business that feels fun, simple and effective. We develop a clear sales plan for you to finish up with, so you know exactly how to bring in new business in future!


the fine print

Programme Duration

This fast-paced programme is delivered via a self-paced course, which includes 6 actionable training modules that are designed to be completed within 60mins or less.

Sign up today to secure your place. Course goes live at 9am on Monday 5th February 2024.

Time Commitment

Signature Sprint is designed so that you can go at your own pace, within a highly structured programme that has super clear milestones. You always know what’s next, each step adds value to your business and there’s no getting ‘lost’ or falling behind.

The module training videos are an opportunity to get creative and to brainstorm ideas there and then. I’ll be inviting you to make decisions and choose from the new strategies you’re leaning right there within the trainings themselves.

Each step of the programme you’ll work through simple, actionable tasks to implement within your business, that should take 60-mins or less.

Rather than adding to your to-do list, the takeaways from each Sprint training are designed to get you working smarter, not harder. So you are highly likely to find that the tools and resources shared in the programme help you work more effectively and actually save you time.

Especially when it comes to your marketing, lead generation and client sign-up processes, for example!

Sound good?

Sign me up, buttercup!

Are you in? Yey! Just click the link below to get all signed up and secure your place in the new programme:

Ready To Join Signature Sprint?

Ready To Join Signature Sprint?

Your Signature Investment

£350 Pay In Full OR £125 x 3 monthly payments 

included is the 6 x Training Modules plus templates, resources and fill-in-the-blanks materials – all to help hugely speed up your progress.


You can book your place right now, just hit the button below and choose your payment plan:

Working with me

Are you curious to know if the programme is right for you?

Here’s what my other client’s have to say about the experience of working with me to develop a Signature service of their own…

“So many wins! I gained 3 new clients working in a way which suits me better, is more enjoyable and harnesses my skills. I’m actually getting paid for work I do off-site, as well as on.

Saying goodbye to clients who no longer serve me, raising my rates to almost double and finding ideal clients!”

Becky Poole

Garden Designer, Becky Poole Gardening

“Thank you so much for all your help. I absolutely wouldn’t have got as far as I have without your help, guidance and cheerleading. Having you there when I was going way outside my comfort zone has given me the confidence to enjoy giving anything a go.

You made what was a massively overwhelming dream into a reality. I can’t thank you enough.”

Ellie Lloyd-Jones

Leadership Coach, Elevate With Ellie

“The most important thing people should know about working with you, is that you’re no-nonsense but utterly supportive with the experience to back yourself up.

The best bit was your unflappable support and the forum to get things straight and organised in my head. Also the group setting was a positive, it was good to be on a ‘journey’ with others.
Sam Brown

Copywriter, Made Simple By Sam

“VERY well organised, easy to follow with the workshops and well paced. I could have listened to your advice on social media, selling, clients, finance all day long – absolute incredible invaluable content!

I have an actual business plan that is simple and manageable now. I could not do that before… I honestly didn’t know where to start.”

Natalie Seymour

Personal Trainer, Cheshire Fit

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Things you should know…

Things you should know…

It’s okay if you DON’T know what your ‘Signature’ offer could be

That’s kinda the whole point 😜 – that I help you figure that out! It may be you have an inkling, or a few options you’re toying with, or that you have ZERO clue what you want to offer to clients as a Signature service! All are okay. I’ll be inviting everyone to go back to the drawing board, think creatively and get inspired to approach how you best support your client base differently.

It’s better to start now, BEFORE you have your ducks in a row

Because honestly, after a decade (total) of self-employment – I can tell you there is never a ‘right’ time to work on your business, when all the stars align and you suddenly find  many more hours freed up in your day 🫣 There is only Right Now! So if you’re feeling scatter-brained – know this programme can help you get clarity. If you’re feeling busy and overwhelmed – it will help you refine and focus. If you’re feeling unsure and underconfident – it will  remind you how ace you are!

Questions & Answers

I'm not sure the time is right for me - should I wait?

Only you know if the timing is right for you to join a programme like this, right now. What I will say, is don’t ever wait for that ‘good stuff’ on your goals list to just drop out of the sky – allow the support of a programme like this and coach like me to help you go out there and get it, instead.

I also can’t promise this programme will run again, in this format, as I love to develop and change things up allllll the time. That’s just how I roll!

I don’t have the time to grow my business – it takes too long and I’m juggling family and life commitments

As long as you can find 60 minutes to watch the training videos and 60 minutes to action them – you can do this!

Maybe you could spend that wasted ‘bedtime doom scroll’ time on this progamme, and see where you get to in 6 weeks taking action instead 😜

It’s an investment for me – how will I know it’ll pay off?

It took me a loooong time to figure out the stuff I’ll be sharing and teaching in this programme. Let me be the shortcut through ALL of that for you; as I’ll share everything I’ve learned on my journey with you when we work together.

It can also often help to consider how many clients you’d need to sign up as a result of our work together, to make this investment a worthwhile one for you. It’s likely that just one new project or client would give you an ROI of 200% or more.

Are you prepared to put in the effort to take what you learn in the programme and implement it to see that one new sign-up happen? if you are, then I’m here to support you to do that!

Ask yourself


Do you want to do this alone, or with support?

Do you know deep down that with the right help, your ambitions are achievable?

How much are you actually focusing on the work that moves the needle; grows your business and actually attracts new clients?

If you have the drive and determination, I can help you get where you want to be.

Okay, I'm in!

You’re in? Yey! Just click the link below to get all signed up. Once you’ve secured your place, I’ll be in touch within 24hrs with a super warm welcome and to say hi 👋 – so keep an eye on your inbox 💌

Still not 100%?

Well – you read this far, so I’m guessing you are at least feeling pretty intrigued!

So in that case I’d still HIGHLY recommend we chat further, as I’d love to find you the help you need – book in for a free, no-strings attached 30-minute consultation call by clicking here and we can figure out what the best way forward is for you and your ideas.

Ready To Join Us?


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