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Workshops and Resources

Package Pricing Calculator

Do you struggle to see rewards for all your hard work?

You’re up and running. You’re in business. But you’re stuck with an issue that keeps rearing its ugly head:

As soon as you sign a client, the celebrations don’t last for long.

Because where’s the next? And the next?!

The problem? I’m willing to bet its NOT a lack of clients. Nope!

The real problem?


You’re massively under-charging!

Are you charging enough for your 1:1 packages in your service-led business?

Take my Package Pricing Calculator now to find out:

Tried & Tested Survey Template

Want to know what your audience want?

You want to know what your audience will buy, what they want, what they need.

The answer’s simple – ask them!

If you’re not sure how, follow my super-simple Tried & Tested Survey Template for an easy way to survey your people.

Because don’t ask? Don’t get! 😉

Lucy Green Business Coach

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