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Do you struggle to see rewards for all your hard work?

You’re up and running. You’re in business. But you’re stuck with an issue that keeps rearing its ugly head:

As soon as you sign a client, the celebrations don’t last for long.

Because where’s the next? And the next?!

The problem? I’m willing to bet its NOT a lack of clients. Nope!

The real problem?


You’re massively under-charging!

Are you charging enough for your 1:1 packages in your service-led business?

Take my Package Pricing Calculator now to find out:

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Need a little help right now finding clients?

Often when we work for ourselves, the MAJOR problem is overwhelm: we can’t see the wood for the trees! How do you know where to start, when you have networking events to attend, website updates, social media posts, blogging, not to mention DOING the *actual* work you get paid to do!

I suggest starting small, and simple; with consistent daily actions that will grow your business, develop your network and fill your pipeline – without also filling every spare second of your day, or sending you into an insta-spiral.

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