The Strategy Shift

Coaching Programme For 1:1 Service Providers

Are you ready to build a feel-good, profitable venture doing the work that lights you right up?

Learn how to create £2k-£5k+ packages your clients will love, easily connect with an ideal audience, sell confidently & get busy with the kind of bookings you *really* want – fast.

This programme is for women who pour their heart & soul into helping others – Coaches, Creatives, Consultants, Trainers – who….

  1. Don’t know how to make the switch to high-value packages, so your income has plateaued. 
  2. Are ready to move away from a time-for-money model and onto consistent £5k months
  3. Are working with clients already and a have a pretty good network (either locally or online)
This one’s for you.

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This is for you, if…

  • You’re ready to get fully booked ASAP; with the kind of clients who light you right up.
  • You bloomin LOVE what you do, and are really good at it – but you’re not getting paid what you want for it yet! 😬
  • You feel run off your feet posting, blogging and networking what feels like ALLLL the time!
  • You wish you could just follow a simple system to book your ideal clients (you know – the ones who inspire you!) so you can focus on doing the work you love
  • You’ve never felt confident ‘selling’ – and tbh it makes you feel a little eurghhh even 😒 – but you are REALLY ready to get past that!
  • You feel pretty bewildered by all the options out there to market yourself online – webinars, opt-ins, social, mailing lists – all feel overwhelming, confusing and like a dark art you just don’t get yet… and you’d like someone to guide you through what to do (and when!) so you can get just get on with it already.
Plant and glasses by laptop

BUT…this is NOT for you, if

  • You know exactly how to sign up new clients
  • You’re fully booked already delivering high-value (£1k+) packages
  • You’re not willing to stretch your comfort zone or try anything new 
  • You have zero faith in your business plans working out 
  • You’d rather stay stuck where you are than seek support, fresh input and ideas
  • You want to wait-and-see, rather than ‘get-on-and-do’!

I want to know more...

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“Thank you so much for all your help over the last 6 months. I absolutely wouldn’t have got as far as I have without your help, guidance and cheerleading. Having you there when I was going way outside my comfort zone has given me the confidence to enjoy giving anything a go. You made what was a massively overwhelming dream into a reality. I can’t thank you enough.”

– Ellie Lloyd-Jones, Confidence Coach

I’ve turned over £4k this month instead of zero, which was an actual possibility at one point. I’m charging more and I am looking at what I can outsource, too.”

– Hannah Brooke, Hannah Brooke Photography

“VERY well organised, easy to follow with the workshops and well paced. I could have listened to your advice on social media, selling, clients, finance all day long – absolute incredible invaluable content! I have an actual business plan that is simple and manageable now. I could not do that before… I honestly didn’t know where to start.”

– Natalie Seymour, Cheshire Fit Training

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