Profit Potential

      Profit Potential

Profit Potential: 1:1 Coaching Intensive

Let’s figure out how to bring more money into your business, right away!

The Profit Potential package is an opportunity to access 3 full weeks of short & sweet intensive coaching support. This style of support works best for women running independent, service-led businesses who want
to zone right in on how their business can start to bring in the income they want, and put plans into action straightaway. For example, this is perfect for:

  1. Identifying your most profitable revenue streams and start optimising them quickly and easily
  2. Pinning down plans for how to reach your next income level
  3. Figuring out where your ideal clients hang out, and make money waaaay more easily in your business


No? Then I’ve got you!

If you think you’re in need of a short, sharp dose of clear thinking and an independent sounding board, the Profit Potential Coaching Intensive is perfect for you. I can support you in reviewing what’s working, what isn’t and creating a plan of action to implement new ideas for bringing in more income without more hustle.

If you know you need ongoing accountability or support, then this package isn’t right for you – please do take a look at my more long term support on offer instead; The Fully Booked Business an online self-paced programme for service-led business owners looking to build a profiitable business model and fill their client roster, or Explore More 1:1 Private Coaching, a four-month package for women in business who are ready to be fully supported as they explore, grow and get the results they want (minus the burnout!).

This one-off support package is right for you if you’re grappling with a great business that on the surface is pretty successful – but in reality your bank balance isn’t reflecting that *at all*. You can’t figure out why the money just isn’t flowing as it should. You have ideas, an inkling – but you’re just too damn busy to figure it out, and you’re struggling to make the difficult decisions you know need to be made!

Running a business, as you’ve probably figured out by now, will be the BIGGEST personal development journey you’ll ever go on. Profit Potential is a chance to tap into the unique support that Coaching offers, just when and where you need it most.

Picture yourself; having finally figured this particular conundrum out – feeling clear, confident and with a business plan that’s going to finally deliver the income your desire. That’s my intention for you following our time working together.

This is intensive Business Coaching designed to be an intervention, providing you with support in a focused way, where you decide you need it most.


End result? Clarity, confidence & a clear plan for profit.


First though, can I just get something clear?

You can’t carry on as you are. The burnout will get to you and your business eventually; and something has to give.

Let’s make it what YOU decide, not what your stress levels choose for you!

So I want you to know – that this process we’re about to go through WILL ask you some tough questions, invite you to face some cold, harsh facts, and look at your business (including what you’re charging, and who you’re working with!) squarely in the face.

This work can be challenging, and sometimes a little scary even.

I know that you’ve been busy weighing up options, trying to establish what will work best. Thinking its crucial for you to make the RIGHT choice with this.

However. I hate to tell you this. But there is no right choice. No ‘best’ way, that will guarantee success.

One thing is guaranteed though: is that if you keep thinking, wondering, pondering…. you’re actually still simply procrastinating.

Once you realise that, and recognise that learning AND progress comes 10x quicker from taking action, you’ll start seeing results way faster.

The real challenge is identifying the strategy you want to employ, making the decision about how to proceed, and having a simple, focused plan of action to execute, review and refine what you’re doing.  And that’s exactly what I’ll help you with.

Lucy does what only really good coaches know how to do: she helps you come up with solutions to your challenges while making you feel like you knew the answer all along.

Lucy managed to hone in on exactly the issues I was struggling with and help me define a clear path forward. She showed me how to make sure that the effort I was putting in to my online business was going to the right place: income generation!

She also helped me identify and overcome some of the fears that were holding me back from taking the next step.

Lucy is friendly, easy to talk to, and great at what she does.


Jessica Hill, Therapist & Online Entrepreneur

The Coaching Process

The Coaching Process

Our work together will follow these 4 steps:

Profit Prep Work

I’ll send you out a Pre-Package Questionnaire that will help me to better understand your business and how you operate.

I’ll then review what you send in, and ask you to do some analysis and reflection on your business – a little light homework, if you will!

Profit Potential Session

We have a 1:1 90-min intensive Coaching Call via Zoom, with a recording made available too.

We explore where your untapped profit potential lies, what changes need to be made to who you work with, your services and your pricing, and how you can makes changes quickly & easily.

Profit Plan In Action

Making big decisions can be challenging, and for that reason we work together for  a further three full weeks, with 9am-5pm 1:1 Voxer access to me Mon-Fri, plus email support too to share documents for feedback (like sales pages).

This supports you to reflect on decisions made, implement ideas and take action on your plans.

And, Finally…

A further 30-minute Future Proofing call at the close of our 3 weeks together, where we look at your next steps and make sure there’s nothing stopping you moving forward with your plans. This call provides you with accountability, valuable reflection time and the space to plan your next steps, too.

Your Bonus

Your Bonus

Click For Info On Your Package Bonus Offer

When you register for a Package, you’ll also be able to redeem the investment against any of my full-length programmes of support (e.g. Fully Booked or Make More) for up to a month after we work together; should you decide you need it later down the line.

Book Your Place

Book Your Place

Book Your Intensive

Book now to reserve your spot, as I’m only making a very limited number of these new & improved Profit Potential packages available each month, so I can give you my FULL attention!


Plan Total  Payments Book now:
Standard Rate – Pay in Full £550 1 x £550 Choose Your Time From The Calendar Below

Please note Profit Potential bookings are limited to one per person; if you think you may require ongoing support and/or multiple sessions, please book in for a chat about my longer term programmes and coaching packages instead. I can then help you to decide on the best option for you.

Not sure what's right for you?

If you’re thinking this looks great, but you’re struggling to know if its the choice for you at the moment, let’s talk.

I’ll ask you a few questions and give you my honest opinion. I only want to work with people who are going to benefit the most from the support – so let’s get this right! You’ll get to hear what I think, then you can decide.

Ready to go for it?

Book straight away to ensure you reserve your spot, as there’s limited places available. Click below to reserve your place:

Working with Lucy has been fantastic. One of the most challenging aspects of being self-employed for me is working alone. It’s been great to have someone to act as a sounding board for new ideas and to take time out through coaching calls to analyse my motivations for deciding to pursue (or not) different business opportunities.

I’ve realised that I’m not much of a planner, but working with Lucy has helped me to break tasks down into manageable chunks and she’s helped me to take baby steps towards new goals.

During the coaching package I have:

– started a new private FB group for clients who have been on my hypnobirthing workshops.

– Sorted out my branding profile and what I want to say on social media. Put together a social media strategy.

– Made some key decisions about which elements of my business I want to focus on in the future.

It’s also been really good in terms of fostering that ‘growth mindset’ that it’s okay to try new things, sometimes they will work out and sometimes not, and that’s okay. Investing in coaching with Lucy, is investing in yourself and your business, if you are not sure if it’s for you, I would say just go for it. You’ll see the benefits very quickly.


Natalie Qureshi, Birth Coach

Lucy Green Business Coach

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