Package Pricing Calculator

Package Pricing Calculator

Do you struggle to see rewards for all your hard work?

You’re up and running. You’re in business. But you’re stuck with an issue that keeps rearing its ugly head:

As soon as you sign a client, the celebrations don’t last for long. Because where’s the next? And the next?!

The problem? I’m willing to bet its NOT a lack of clients. Nope!

The real problem?


You’re massively under-charging!


The reasons for this are many…

  • You’ve priced your services on a by-the-hour rate, and £50/hr feels pretty expensive to you right now. How can you rationalise charging the equivilent of £100/hr or £200/hr, or even more??
  • You have an inkling you’re undercharging, but don’t really see why you should put your prices up – it feels greedy to do so.
  • You feel like you’re working enough hours to serve all the clients you need to make the money you want – BUT you’ve totally miscalculated how many hours you have to spend on managing client appointments, sorting your tax return, posting on social, networking, running your FB group, emailing your list, sorting your website issues … the biz management list goes on!
  • You feel like you should be making money, but in reality your pricing calculations are either based on back of a napkin workings, or plucked out of thin air pretty much (or worse – judged on what you think clients can afford – please don’t do this!).


And the real reason you need to knock this on the head, like yesterday?

Because you’re good. In fact, you’re bloody brilliant at what you do. So watch out, cos it make take a few months or even more, but you WILL eventually get fully booked – which is GREAT.

But ffs… now you’re stuck, as you’re super busy, but you STILL aren’t making the money. Gah!

The cold harsh truth, is that if you don’t get your pricing right – it’s the road to burnout and business closure. Because when you aren’t charging enough:

  • you can’t serve your clients well
  • you can’t perform to the best of your abilities
  • you’re rushed, its all too hurried, there’s no time out or holidays – so why are you doing this again?

Ready to break out of the busy-chasing-clients cycle, and get profitable starting NOW?

Let’s build a business you love, and that you can grow for years to come. 


Try the Package Pricing Calculator now…

Need a little more help?

I know, I know – the numbers is ONE thing. But having the courage to up your prices, or make big changes in how you work? That’s a WHOLE other ball game!

As a Business Coach I help women like you to make big decisions, change direction and create a business that really builds the big life your dream of. If you’d like help taking that first step – book in a call to chat about how coaching could help you get from where you are right now, to where you want to be. 

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