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My 2 Take-Homes From Meeting Mother Pukka

I had the pleasure of seeing the brilliant Mother Pukka, aka Anna, speak at the latest Mamas Collective meeting held at Hello Work in Manchester. The event was in the format of a Q & A, with questions sourced from attendees and posed by organiser Molly, who is the brains behind these fab events. I think the session lived up to all of our (very high!) expectations and Anna was lively, funny and very down to earth, full of stories about #parentingtheshitoutoflife Mother Pukka style – I don’t think anyone will forget the one involving her inquisitive daughter Mae, the dog and a mysterious whimper anytime soon!

The event was a great opportunity to meet like-minded women and it also felt really different to attend a mum & baby session that was aimed at me, rather than solely at amusing little ones. The Mamas Collective events are described as baby-friendly, but not baby-focused, which sums them up perfectly. Mother Pukka’s advice also gave everyone loads of food for thought when it comes to starting your own thing – be that a blog, vlog, online business or just a very pretty Instagram feed.

My two main take-homes from the morning of conversation were as follows:


1. Get clear on your brand

Anna mentioned some advice she been given about ensuring a really clear brand, which was to come up with 3 defining words that describe all things Mother Pukka to help her to stay ‘on-message’ with everything she does. Her words were ‘funny’, ‘honest’ and ‘colourful’, and on reflection those three elements really do come through so strongly both visually and in her tone of voice online. I was thinking about the 3 words which best describe my business brand – I’m still working on them, and plan to sit down later and give it some proper attention – but I’m thinking it’ll be along the lines of inspiration, ideas and fun.


2. Identify key influencers

Anna’s other key piece of advice that struck a chord with me was around how to get a foothold online, especially via Instagram, and increase your followers. She suggested seeking out 5 well-known influencers who could help support your business through making a connection with you; be that a collaboration, a blog, review or mention, or promoting your business or services somehow. I’m definitely going to have a trawl though the most influential instagrammers I follow and see who I might target to contact about partnering up with. Fearne Cotton was Anna’s go-to, and I seem to recall Hollie of YesMum saying the same when I heard her being interviewed recently. I’ll have a think who mine would be – maybe a successful female entrepreneur linked to supporting small business, like Holly and Sophie, the mothers who founded NOTHS.

I’d love to know what 3 words describe your business brand – let me know in the comments or over on Instagram.

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