My Mama Manifesto: 9 Rules I Live By In My Work & Life

This is my Mama Manifesto.

I wanted to lay it all down in black and white – so you can see what I REALLY think, and decide if I’m your cup of tea. If any of this resonates with you, I’d love to chat – let’s talk.

I’ve called it a Mama Manifesto as it was having kids that was the final push for me into business, and has hugely shaped what I do and who I work with, too.

1. I believe that despite having less time, hardly any headspace, and what feels like a shed-load more housework to do, Motherhood also brings our priorities into sharp focus. It means we don’t put up with shit anymore, and inspires us to new standards.

2. I believe that we all have unique skills, innate talents and invaluable experience. Combined with the amazing opportunities that digital technology offers us, this means any one can start a business with no more than an idea, a smartphone and the burning desire to make it happen no matter what.

3. I think we are all capable of bringing in an income doing something that suits our personalities, and we don’t need to change who we are. Instead we need to discover it, unearth it, utilise it and make the most of it to solve other people’s problems and make their lives somehow better, easier or enriched. That’s good business.

4. It’s my opinion that the many off-the-shelf, get-rich-quick MLM opportunities around give false hope of a short-cut to success, and prey on the vulnerable position we find ourselves in as new mums desperate to find an alternative that gives us the flexibility and income we crave.

5. I believe instead that taking action, determination, offering something of value and enjoying what you do are more important ingredients for success. I suggest skipping the bit where someone tells you to follow a cookie-cutter plan to riches, and looking instead to your own unique talents to create a personalised, longterm and successful solution.

6. I want to help and inspire as many mothers as I can, as I truly believe that there IS an alternative to going back to the 9-5, traditional career after babies. I want to use my coaching and training skills to share all I know and have learnt in the last 15 years about bringing projects to life, managing start-up ventures, online business, social media and the benefits of a positive mindset (including some more out-there, law of attraction style-vibes), to help other women to do the same and work for themselves doing something they love.

7. I want my products, programmes and services to be affordable to anyone who needs it, so I will always keep a range of offers available, from free through to paid-for, so that anyone who needs support can access it through my business – whatever their starting point or means.

9. I honestly believe there is ENOUGH out there for everyone, and that having competition in your line of work simply provides proof of demand for a service or product. There is enough money, enough clients, enough customers, enough followers for us all… and that by supporting one another and celebrating our successes, we are raising each other up: a rising tide lifts ALL boats.

Finally, last but certainly not least. I believe in YOU. YOU can do this, YOU can make it happen, YOU can get what you want.

Go out there and smash it, Mama.

Lucy x

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