How To Make Your Own Luck

I don’t really believe in luck – but I’ve had several spooky encounters with the power of manifestation. It’s crazy but I genuinely believe it works; that if you set your mind to something, will it, believe it, hope for it and make room for it in your life – you can affect your likelihood of getting that thing to a scary degree.

The house I live in and my last job have both been things I set my sights on literally years before they came into my life. I even forgot about them in the meantime, and hadn’t really believed I could ultimately get them as at the time – as they were so far from my grasp for a variety of reasons. But with both I recall clearly the conversations I had with friends and colleagues, saying “If only… I’d love to do that / live there”. I didn’t know it at the time, but in both scenarios within a few short years I’d have both.

Earlier this year I handed in my notice to go freelance and launch my coaching business. In the month after I made that leap into the unknown, I had offers of work appear out of the blue – including a text from an old client asking if I was available (who I’d not spoken to in over 3 years), then an email land in my inbox from the Director of an organisation I’d been researching online and had wanted to work with for ages. It was weird! I like to think that if you start moving in the right direction, the universe conspires to help get you where you want to be.

Some people do think of it as luck, others say it’s synchronicity, cosmic ordering, pure coincidence. For me, I don’t really care what it is – I just like it!


Postive Actions You Can Take

How can you start manifesting more of what you want in your life, and making your own luck? There’s a few ideas for positive things you can do to start getting the good vibrations flowing:

First of all get really clear on what it is that you want. Write down your goals, make them specific. Read them daily and picture them clearly. Put yourself there – smell the coffee you’re drinking at that meeting with your ideal client, picture the scene when you put down the phone after being offered an ideal contract, feel how you’ll feel when you see all those sales notifications popping up on your phone!

Then start looking out for and noticing all the good things that happen every day – be grateful for them, and make note of them. Even small stuff like finding a few quid in a purse you’d forgotten about, that elusive parent & baby parking space being available just when you need it, your other half doing the dinner when you are too tired to even microwave a meal….

Act as if the big goals you are after are already happening – so if you want that client, prep as if you had just signed them up and were meeting with them tomorrow. If you are imagining selling 50 of your newly launched product on the first day, plan for what you’d need to ship all those orders out on time.

Tell people about what you want – you never know who could help you or how, and spreading the word gives you a network of people potentially all supporting you without you even knowing it. I’ve had friends send me perfect work opportunities that I would otherwise have missed, just because I’d casually mentioned what I was currently on the look out for. My first ever coaching client years ago was referred to me by a friend before they signed up.

Have you ever had any spooky coincidences happen that have given you the jitters they are so spot on?! I’d love to hear about fate working in your favour…. comment below and tell me all about it >>>

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