Getting Off The Starting Blocks – What To Do When You’re 100% Stuck

What to do when you don’t know where to start…

Start small.

What’s the tiniest version of whatever it is you’re procrastinating over? Perhaps you have grand plans to overhaul your website for your business. Forget about doing it all; instead pick one page, and update that. New images, edit the text, add in some new links… you’ll feel better for having started plus you’ll have a waaay better sense of the size of the task ahead.

Start at the beginning.

Maybe you know you want to get a new blog post out there. Open up your laptop, log on and write down the title. Ta-da! Momentum gained… now just keep going!

Start by eating that frog.

This may feel counter-intuitive, but sometimes it’s the fastest way to blast away a mental block. Pick the thing you are resisting most, and make it the FIRST thing you do next time you sit down to focus.

Start by writing it down.

It’s not procrastinating, honest! Having your task written down can help you to see why you’re struggling to get started If it feels vague and undefined (task: start new business and earn tonnes of money) it’s actually a Project, not a Task. Brainstorm all the tasks within your bigger ‘project’ and you’ll soon see where you can actually make a start.

Start with half.

If your task feels impossible, break it down. Write the main task top centre of a page of A4 laid out landscape. Now what would half of the task be? Split the tasks out like a family tree and write them down. Half again? Keep splitting until you have a visual map of the tasks broken down on your sheet – the lower down the tree you go, the smaller and more manageable you’ll start to find the tasks.

Start – then Stop.

Set a timer and give yourself 1 hour to tackle the task at hand. Review where you’ve got to after that 1 hour, and carry on if you’re in the zone or switch to something else.

Don’t start!

Check in that you actually NEED to do what you are planning – is it going to contribute towards your goals? Is it really necessary? Does it make your life easier, or will it lead to positive results? If not… sack it off!!


What are you working on at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!

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