I work with a brilliant coach who talks about how it’s only through taking consistent, persistent action that we get results.

It’s so easy to get knocked off course by a setback, or derailed by a bad day. Don’t let it! I designed my series of 31 mini daily Mama Missions with exactly this in mind – to help you get through those blocks – tiny, baby steps to get you heading toward your goal slowly but surely over the course of a month.

How else can you make sure you follow this valuable piece of advice?


Do what you need to do, consistently. Maybe that’s blogging every week. Posting on social media daily. Emailing your list with a new offer monthly. Whatever it is that you need to do to create new business and connect with clients; do it, and do it consistently. EVEN (in fact especially) when its not getting results. Put it in your diary or calendar and make it a must; an unmissable appointment.


Never give up on a bad day!! It might feel like your goal is a long way off, but keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the next, and you will get there. You need to: Just. Keep. Going. Reward and congratulate yourself for doing the work in the first place, as well as getting the results.


Wishing, thinking and hoping is important – it’s good to focus, have clarity and know what you want. BUT nothing will ever happen if that’s ALL you do. You also need to take action.

Do what is needed to move forward, get yourself out there, make stuff happen. Write that email, post that offer, book that Facebook ad. What can you do today to move forward just one more step that you haven’t taken before?

Don’t forget: Consistent, Persistent Action = Results

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