When you’re starting out in business, targeting one particular ‘niche’ can feel limiting. Why deliberately narrow down your customer base? Why put people off your services? But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think of it instead this way: rather than wasting lots of energy shouting your message about your product/service aimlessly and loudly into the wilderness, you’re instead sitting down and speaking specifically to your customer base, on their terms, in their environment and speaking their language. Way better and hugely more effective.

Consider my own business; Brand New Mum – it’s a coaching and business support service for mothers in business. Not fathers, not solopreneurs, not startups generally.

Does that mean I risk putting off the occasional dad that comes across my blog and likes it, but won’t work with me because of my focus? Quite likely, yes. But it also means that every mother working for herself that reads it knows that should she need support, I am the coach for her – I understand her challenges, am sympathetic to her needs, I get where she is coming from 100%.

So the likelihood of the mums that I connect with wanting to work with me is tenfold compared to if I was a generic business or entrepreneur coach – and they are much better odds in my book!

As well as making sound business sense, its also just easier to niche, and more fun! You will find that whoever your niche is are often the people naturally in your wider social circle and online connections anyway, and likely share your interests. This makes extending these networks and connecting with your market easier and more straightforward than starting with a blank slate.

In addition its more enjoyable, because you’ll hopefully specialise in something that you find it a pleasure talking about and are an expert in, and it makes sense to build your business around that rather than something that you don’t like. I find I truly enjoy coaching mums, as it just feels so natural and comes easily. It flows!

What niche do you serve? Is it also mothers, or parents generally? Or is yours a business with a different target market? Comment below and let me know.


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