Do Your Own Thing – Creating A Unique Business Offer

Whilst on my maternity leave I met loads of amazing new mums. So many of them want to start their own thing and work for themselves, but don’t know what to do or where to begin; which is exactly why I started my coaching business.

Motherhood changes everything, and often what worked before job or career-wise just no longer makes sense. Mothers like you and I are seeking an alternative to the 9-5, office based job; a completely flexible income entirely on our own terms.

If you don’t have a business yet and want to figure out what yours could be, I suggest sitting down with pen and paper and taking some uninterrupted time to go through the following business brainstorming exercises to generate ideas and get your creative juices flowing. If you do already have either a fledgling or established business, these exercises can still help you; in coming up with ideas for new product lines/services and to clarify your customer base:

  1. Go online and check your social networks – What Facebook groups are you a member of? What pages do you like? Who do you follow on Instagram or Twitter? What blogs do you read? These will all give you clues as to where your natural interests lie, and its easier to build a business around what you care about and love than something you can take or leave. Same goes for your book collection – it will contain precious clues as to what you are drawn to!
  2. Think about your talents and skills – what do you enjoy doing? When does time fly for you? When are you in a state of ‘flow’, where everything just feels easy and comes naturally? What did you do when you were younger (pre-kids, or as a child yourself even) for fun or as a hobby? Don’t censor yourself – these things may feel too easy for you to see how you could make a business out of them the moment, but remember your talents are always someone else struggle!
  3. Imagine the ideal client who would pay you for doing what you love – again you may need to suspend reality for a minute here – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never met anyone like this before or it seems far-fetched, just sketch them out: where do they live and in what kind of house, what’s their family set-up, what do they look like and what clothes do they wear, what car do they drive, what job do they do? What are their struggles, challenges, problems? Once you know your ideal client or customer and what issues they face consider how you can solve these problems for them, help them or make their life easier in some way – that’s what we all want and will buy into at the end of the day!

I hope these exercises get you thinking differently and new ideas brewing. If you want support in where to go next book in here for a free Consultation Session 30-minute phone call with me – it will give you the perfect opportunity to clarify your ideas further.

On your own start-up adventure?

I’m Lucy. I’m a Business Coach helping women who work for themselves to create beautiful businesses that make a positive impact on the world – sharing their skills, talents and creativity in a way that feels good AND makes great money, too.

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