To-Do It Like A Mother

Master your epic to-do list, and STOP the chaos.

I know you want to get out of overwhelm and on the journey to independence, freedom and making some damn good cash with your business ideas.

I don’t want you to waste any more time wondering and faffing what to do when you next get a window of precious, quiet, alone time.

I need you to know, that:

  • You CAN work for yourself.
  • You CAN run a business and be a great mother.
  • You CAN do ‘It’ – you just need a new approach, now you have a crew of small people on board.

I don’t have all the answers. But I know I can help you to find them.

I’ve been there and felt the stress – no headspace, can’t see the wood for the trees, don’t know where to start. I’ve talked to scores of women like you, and I KNOW – its not only knowing what to do, its also figuring out when & how the hell to do it, without killing yourself with exhaustion in the process.

Life is different after kids, whether we like it or not. Running a business has to be different too – we don’t have a 9-5 desk to sit at whilst we figure this stuff out and tick all the boxes; dotting i’s and crossing t’s. It needs to be more flexible, less faff and no time wasting. We cant afford to get it wrong; this needs to work out right from the get-go.

I’m here to help you; to adjust, learn new tricks and shortcuts, and approach your business-running to-do list in a new way, that fits your new life as a Mum.

What will we cover?

What will we cover?

Creating your own simple to-do system


When you’re tired and exhausted, you need a system that doesn’t require your brain.

You need to do the work once, when you do have some headspace, and then have a go to system you can implement when the tiredness and brain fog is too much and you just need to crack on.


The problem with any ready-made ‘system’ that the you’ll find on Google or being pushed by an influencer/guru/coach on Insta is that they aren’t designed BY you, FOR you. There for someone shinier, perkier, more sociable, better networked, more into public speaking…. etc etc. They are specifically successful for THAT person, at THAT time, with a particular set of resources, level of energy, and amount of hours available.

This is where my course differs.

I use my understanding of psychology and fascination with human behaviour to help you figure out your own shortcuts to a common goal: getting more business, making more sales, and ultimately bringing in more money.

I did this myself when I realised that I had plentiful small windows of time to work around my two kids, but it was taking me half of my 45-min availability to crank my brain into gear and get back into a flow. As soon as I got started I’d have to stop again; as naptime was abruptly over.

This overrides the need to think first, and means you have a go-to ‘to-do’ list that will get results.


No more faffing!

Your time management system needs to be:

  • Simple – don’t overcommit or overwhelm yourself. Start small and build.

  • Suitable – for you! It needs to be practical and fit into your life – you can do an amazing amount of stuff even with only your phone to hand!

  • Strategic – it needs to move the needle and actually get you to your goal – do the stuff that matters, not the fluff.

  • Satisfying – build in wins and activity that makes you feel good. ‘Vanity metrics’ are called that when they don’t give you results , so what are the real wins that DO give you results?

The common thread throughout will be that every single thing I support you to do is specific to YOU. It gets YOUR business and life moving YOUR way.

What’s included in the Course?

What’s included in the Course?

This is an online training course, combining live video seminar-style trainings + emailed workbooks with short & sweet exercises to help you get on top of your to-do, figure out your own life-hacks and wrestle family life firmly back under control.

It’s specifically designed for mothers with young children; totally flexible to fit around your free time, which I know all too well can change on a daily hourly basis with little ones around.

Its created by me: a mum who has been there, knows what your struggles are (hello 👋🏻 lack of headspace, time, energy…) and will work with you around them, not ask you to fight against them.

As this is the first ever iteration of the course, I’ve kept the fee low and you get this high-quality, intensive support, for a full 4 weeks, for just £97 per person.

All this is included:

  • 4 x weekly live training calls that walk you though reviewing and tackling your to-do
  • 4 x modules emailed through to get you into action – with as little effort as possible!
  • Support from me – the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback throughout the month
  • A private Facebook group to share your results and share your progress and ideas with a like-minded community of mothers.


The end result?

You feeling confident, clear and with a way to approach your life/work load in future feeling like you’re finally in charge, rather than firefighting constantly.

Sound good? Then let’s do this!

Sound good? Then let’s do this!

The programme is open now with limited places available, so drop me a line if you are interested and have any questions, or book via the link below if it sounds like exactly what you need right now.

We start with our first live training on Monday 4th March 2019 and run for 4 full weeks until Friday 29th March 2019.

“Thank you for blowing my mind with strategy ideas. Sometimes you just need an ear!”

Katy, Founder – Thea Babbles

“You know what you’re talking about, you are super easy to talk to and have a great balance of coaching and mentoring going on… plus you totally get the whole working mum thing!”

Rebecca, Founder – Rebecca Levene Life Coaching

Ready to join in the fun?

If you’re ready to sign up, just click below to reserve your place for £97.
As soon as you’re all joined up, I’ll be in touch to let you know the next steps.


I can’t wait to get started!

Things you should know…

Things you should know…

I won’t be teaching you some secret, clever system you HAVE to use

I’m NOT going to tell you to do it my way. I’m going to be sharing tips, tricks, hacks and ideas, and enabling you to pick and choose from a suite of options that create your personal method of managing your life and work.

It’s not only for super-organised people

Because let’s face it, if you were that on top of shizzle, you wouldn’t be interested in this, right?! It’s for anyone who wants to get more organised, feel more in control and less overwhelmed. I can’t ‘fix’ your life and to-do list entirely, but I can help you improve things massively!


I've not got any time, how will I do all the workbooks?

That’s okay – don’t worry! The exercises are short and sweet, designed to change your approach to stuff you will be doing anyway, or fit the time you have rather than a designated timeframe.

I've tried tech hacks/bullet journaling/Trello before and don't get on with it....

We will work together on strategies to find you that systems that work for you – that’s a crucial part of the course.

Will it be worth the course fee?

How much is your time worth to you? If I can support you to find ways to save an hour a day after bedtime is done, or clawback the equivalent of a full day or two a month to work instead of faff around… how much is that worth over the next year? Add that up, and see if it surpasses the course cost (I’m almost certain it will, many times over!).

Ask yourself

Are you fed up of feeling overwhelmed?

Do you know deep down that something has to give?

Are you ready for a fresh start?

If you have the ambition to live a different, simpler life, I can help you get where you want to be.

Still not 100%?

In that case I’d still HIGHLY recommend we chat further, as I’d love to find you the help you need (even if it’s not from me) – book in for a free, no-strings attached 30-minute consultation call by clicking here and we can figure out what the best way forward is for you and your ideas.

Lucy Green Business Coach

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