Success From The Start

       Success From The Start

Business Builder: Success From The Start

Step-by-step programme supporting service-led startups to sign 1k+ clients (fast!)

A results-focused Online Programme for talented women with plans for launching independent, service-led business ventures; who want to cut the stress and start strong by offering premium, high-value 1:1 services from the get-go that clients will love.


Before we go any further, can I just check ONE thing – are you totally happy with your business situ right now? Your ideas, the progress you’re making, plans for the future?

If you are – then woohoo! I’m chuffed for you – but you can stop reading now. This programme isn’t for you. Sorry 😉

This one is actually designed specifically for women who have started working for themselves (or plan to very soon) and are ambitious, driven, but actually – not quite sure how to make this all work.

Its for the women who are determined to do this, but totally overwhelmed by the task ahead, and ALL the things that going self-employed seems to entail. So instead, you’re stuck, stopped, stationary. Sitting down to ‘work’ on your plans and big ambitions, and instead finding yourself lost in a build-your-own-website YouTube tutorial that’s making you want to cry… and even (shhhh, whisper it) start job-hunting again.

Running a business, as you’ve probably figured out by now, will be the BIGGEST challenge and personal development journey you’ll ever go on. And we’re tackling it in this programme, head-on. All those icky issues that rear their ugly heads:

  • Procrastination that means you never seem to tackle the big jobs.
  • An overflowing to-do list that is LITERALLY never-ending.
  • Options left, right and centre but not enough focus (or faith) to follow through with them, or know what to do next.

We’re going to get analytical, practical and go step-by-step through exactly what it takes to start a service-based business serving high-value clients from the off:

  • We’ll be finding what works for your personality, and building a business designed around your strengths (no more assuming newbie status, or imposter syndrome)
  • Prioritising ruthlessly, so you know exactly what your next tasks are and can face previously difficult decisions with ease.
  • Speaking to your potential clients to really understand what they want and need
  • Figuring out what high-quality, high-ticket services you can offer, so you’re starting strong with premium positioned £1k-£2k+ packages, instead of scrabbling for the spare change from bargain-hunter buyers.

Picture yourself; sitting down at your desk on a Monday after the school drop-off, with the clock ticking on those precious work hours – only this time with a to-do list that’s focused, achievable and you can’t wait to crack on with. Secure in the knowledge that you’re making progress, seeing results and finally gaining that previously ever-elusive traction. You’re on target this month to hit your income goal, and the reward is going to be treating the family to the trip you’ve all been dreaming of for faaaar too long, all paid for by your business – no guilt, worry, asking the other half or cutting back required.

This is an experience that will ask you to get real. Get honest with yourself, and us. Be brave. I need you to step into a stronger, bolder version of you, if you’re joining me on this journey. Its not for the fainthearted.


End result? Clarity, confidence & clients from the start.

Are you up for that?

Okay. Then read on…

I have a secret to tell you.

I know that procrastination and the never-ending to-do list is a daily reality. You think your problem is lack of time – but in reality, I could give you a whole week to work on nothing but your business plans, and that list would still be even longer at the end of those 7 days.

The real problem? Focus. Which when combined with a side helping of self-belief, and a dash of momentum, will make you unstoppable.

I need you to know, that your biggest sales can actually come very quickly. You don’t have to start small and build up. You’ve had a career, you’ve years of experience, you’re creative, intelligent and talented – and we’re going to bundle allllll that up into a premium package that serves clients and means you can charge decent rates from Day One.

The real challenge is identifying the skills you have, deciding who you want to work with and finding out what they need from you. I’ll walk you step by step through the simple systems that take out the constant overthinking, and we’ll build a business that feel good for YOU, and support you to have the mindeset that’s needed to create a sustainable, profitable business from the start.

How do I know this?

I’ve been coaching women who work for themselves for around four years now.

The results they’ve all been getting are pretty amazing. Workshops booked out, new services finally launched, small tweaks in pricing resulting in £1000/month pay-offs…

But one thing is common to all the clients I work with.

Confidence and Clarity. Or I should say, lack of.

Resulting in analysis-paralysis, feeling the struggle when it comes to making decisions and forging ahead with big ideas.

Questions constantly circling…

  • Is this the right thing to do?
  • Am I good enough to make this happen?
  • It’s not working as I’d hoped so far…should I just admit defeat?

Thoughts like…

  • I’d do it for fun anyway, I can’t get paid for this.
  • I’m helping people who really need this – so I should really keep it low cost (or even free)
  • Its a bit of a crazy-specific-niche offer; what if no-one goes for it?

No-one’s around to talk to about these ideas you’ve had for new initiatives, projects and campaigns, so you keep putting them off. Delaying making the big decisions that could really have a positive impact on your business.

Shooting yourself in the foot by not taking action.

Cutting off opportunity, by keeping quiet.

And that abso-freaking-lutely kills me!

The thought that women – resourceful, clever, talented women like you – are just hiding away. Are creating businesses with a squillion confusing packages and too-low pricing, that means they are just getting by, making do. When there is a world of opportunity, endless possibilities, unlimited growth out there for ALL of us. Yet it won’t come knocking. We have to take a deep breath, decide, and go bloody well get it ourselves.


And I know that you know that, really.

That you are, deep down, determined and ambitious. Otherwise you would have quit your business ideas already, and gone back to the old day job by now, or actually applied for the one of the vacancies you keep browsing late at night, posted by an ex-colleague on LinkedIn.


Wouldn’t you?

All it took was the power of the coaching conversations we had and the steps I showed them how to follow, to lift the lid on so much potential. These women knew really, deep down, that they needed to just pull the trigger and get that new service out there, or try that next sales technique, or up that price.

They were just waiting for permission.

Working with me, gave them that permission.

Not because I told them to do stuff. Because I didn’t; that’s not what coaching is. But because in saying it aloud, speaking their fears, they saw with clarity and knew with conviction what they needed to do.

So off they went, and did it.

If you’re seeking permission from everyone but yourself to get what you want, this programme is for you.

Its an intensive, interactive and impactful online programme designed to get your business where you *know* it could go.

To take that next step, and just start already. To get clarity on the bigger picture, develop business plans you’re literally jumping out of bed to work on. Make decisions aligned with your values and vision, get into action, gain momentum, and sell high-end services and premium packages, meaning you can create a sustainable, profitable business you love from the off.


Sound good? Okay then, let’s do this…

Lucy does what only really good coaches know how to do: she helps you come up with solutions to your challenges while making you feel like you knew the answer all along.

Lucy managed to hone in on exactly the issues I was struggling with and help me define a clear path forward. She showed me how to make sure that the effort I was putting in to my online business was going to the right place: income generation!

She also helped me identify and overcome some of the fears that were holding me back from taking the next step.

Lucy is friendly, easy to talk to, and great at what she does.


Jessica Hill, Therapist & Online Entrepreneur

Success From The Start: Step-By-Step

Success From The Start: Step-By-Step

We’ll cover six key business-building areas designed to streamline your business model, connect with your ideal clients and perfect premium packages that sell.

You’ll follow a step-by-step process, laid out for you in a carefully curated online programme. The content is a mix of challenges, workshops, resources and exercises, designed to keep you making progress and building confidence; hand-in-hand.

The programme content is accessible 24/7 in a private, online client portal and is designed to get from you A (starting out) to B (bringing in a £2-£5k monthly income) in your business in the quickest way possible.

I’ll be supporting you to create a service-led, 1:1 business model and find, connect with and sell to ideal clients you can’t wait to work with. It is possible, I promise!

That will be the focus throughout the programme – supporting you to achieve this goal.

You’ll build up momentum from Day 1 by following the Success From The Start System:

Step 1: Success Shortcut

Moving away from a time-for-money exchange, re-structuring to bring in higher level consistent income. Getting clear on your values; your mission; your longer term and short-term goals. Create your Birds-Eye Business Plan.

Step 2: Niching Nailed

Who do you REALLY want to work with? Where can you find them? What do they need? We’ll answer those questions together, then get detective and discover how to immerse ourselves in their world and support clients coming to us.

Step 3: Premium Packaging

Fix that dysfunctional mindset around earning well when your work is focused on doing good or helping others. Develop a package that is the perfect fit for your ideal client, and decide how to start pitching it. Build in beautiful, on-brand extra touches that give that high-quality feel to your offers.

Step 4: Automated Audiences

Build a freebie and launch a simple email marketing list, so you can generate leads on auto-pilot through your organic marketing efforts from the start. Technophobes welcome btw, this is the 101 guide and super-easy to follow!

Step 5 Supercharged Visibility

The secret to success when you’re starting out is focusing your efforts on one strategy: either building, borrowing or buying your audience – I walk you through these so you can choose how to get seen as the go-to expert in your field, fast.

Step 6: First-Class Conversions

Focusing on your community, contacts and connections. Getting into conversation with clients; building relationships. I’ll teach you how to sell in a way that feels comfortable and we’ll generate a consistent flow of leads: the secret to both longevity in business, and much less stress!

Your Bonuses

Your Bonuses

Sign-Up Bonuses

When you sign-up, you’ll also get access to this bundle of bonuses as a welcome onto the programme worth £850:

Wealth Dynamics Test

Access to a Wealth Dynamics Personality Profiling Test, worth £80 so you can figure out your own preferences when it comes to running a business, and we can adapt what you do to suit how you love to work. You doing YOU, is always going to work best!

Book Club Bonus

Recommended Reading + A Handpicked Book,  worth £20: this list is the Top 20 business books that have helped me on my journey, plus you get one handpicked for you and delivered to your door.

Free Coaching Classroom Pass

VIP Access to my Coaching Classrooms, worth £750 You get a free pass to join my Coaching Classroom sessions for the next 12 months, focusing on key business activities to help you sign more clients.  

Reserve Your Place

Reserve Your Place


Investment is £950 when paid in full. There’s also a payment plan available, so you can spread the investment over split installments:

Plan Total  Payment Schedule
Success From The Start: Pay in Full (save £250)
£950 1 x £950 to secure your place
Success From The Start: Payment Plan £1200 6 x £200 monthly installments

Reserve Your Place

The programme opens in September 2020. If you’d like to join, you can sign up below and receive a bonus Private 1:1 Coaching Session with me, that can be taken anytime in the next 3 months.


Got questions?

If you’d like to ask any further questions about the programme before you book; simply enquire now by booking in for a call with me below so I can check you’re the right fit for the programme and reserve your place. Choose a time to suit you from my diary below:


Not sure what's right for you?

If you’re thinking this looks great, but you’re struggling to know if its the right choice for you at the moment, let’s talk.

I’ll ask you a few questions and give you my honest opinion. I only want to work with people who are going to benefit the most from the support – so let’s get this right! You’ll get to hear what I think, then you can decide.

This programme format is newly developed, but be assured: the content is tried and tested.

Over the last four years, I’ve worked 1:1 with over 100 women, delivering thousands of hours of coaching support and the content I’ve packed into this training programme is a result of the recurrent issues and problems that I’ve seen emerge time and again with clients running service-led businesses.

The majority of my clients also have young families and busy lives to juggle; and I’ve ‘been there (in fact still am there!), done that’ myself so I totally get how hard it can feel sometimes.

I also sense-checked all the content on some very wonderful beta-testers, who helped to co-design this programme and shaped what went into it. Everything has been tweaked and shaped for maximum impact, from minimum effort. Simple, streamlined systems – that work.

Here’s what just a few women have to say about their experience of working with me…

I LOVED how it took the overwhelm out of building a business… I actually have a business model now! When I started I only had a vision and a whole lot of conflicting information. I now have an offering, a clear idea on my pricing, a social media presence and an understanding of the steps I need to take.

I don’t feel anywhere near as overwhelmed as I did when I started and am excited and confident to continue making progress.


Elevate With Ellie

I’ve turned over £4k this month instead of ZERO, which was an actual possibility at one point (as lockdown hit). I’m charging more and I am looking at what bits that take a lot of my time I can outsource. I’ve also looked at my offer and how I can build packages into it.


Hannah Brooke Photography

I now have an actual business plan… and it isn’t the plan I thought I would have! It’s very simple and gets straight to the point of what I want my business to achieve.


Get:Fit Cheshire

Working with Lucy has been fantastic. One of the most challenging aspects of being self-employed for me is working alone. It’s been great to have someone to act as a sounding board for new ideas and to take time out through coaching calls to analyse my motivations for deciding to pursue (or not) different business opportunities.

It’s also been really good in terms of fostering that ‘growth mindset’ that it’s okay to try new things, sometimes they will work out and sometimes not, and that’s okay.


Natalie Qureshi, Birth Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

I've not got any business experience - how on earth can I be my own boss?

I set up my business and went self-employed using just an hour a day during mat leave, during the lunchtime naptime in fact! If you can find that, you can get started. And we will work together on strategies to find you that time that you need – it’s all part of the programme.

How long will the programme take?

Guideline is 6 weeks minimum to 6 months maximum. It’s designed to be flexible around the time you have to put into it, so the 6 Steps can be followed intensively over 6 weeks minimum, or you can stretch it out up to 6 months or so.

I don't have a business idea...

That’s okay – you don’t need one! As long as you know you want to work for yourself, the programme will enable you to take whatever skills and strengths you do have, and out them together in a package that you can pitch to clients (and yes, you get help finding them too!).

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