Brand New Start 1:1 Coaching Package


This is my invitation to you, to get the support you need to take your next steps; your way.

I support women to start their next new chapter; be that going self-employed, starting up a business or building a new, portfolio-style career.

– Maybe you are stuck on the starting blocks, or simply finding it hard to forge ahead solo with your ideas.

– Perhaps you have had a go at getting set up as a sole trader, but stalled and haven’t yet made a sale or got a client booked.

– Or maybe you’re well on your way, earning regular income working for yourself, but you just aren’t getting consistent results, or the level of income you want… or it all just feels like REALLY hard work!!!

Coaching is for you, IF:

  • You are driven to do something different with your life, perhaps after you’ve had kids
  • You’re starting or are growing your own business, or maybe have an a idea for a ‘Plan B’ with big potential
  • You’re NOT interested in hustle-heavy icky network marketing opportunities
  • You want to put your knowledge, talents and creativity to good use
  • You’re feeling brave, bold and willing to take a chance on believing this really CAN work
  • You have the idea and/or potential within you – but maybe not all the business know-how
  • You’re seeking accountability plus regular motivational boosts to keep you on track
  • You just KNOW you would thrive with the right support from a like-minded, supportive soul

This one’s for you.
Maybe you’re freelancing, doing what you used to do in your full-time job, but this time with YOU as the boss: offering legal, finance, marketing or education consultancy or services.

Perhaps you want to do something totally different to your current career, that’s way more fun and feels like a big creative outlet for you – photography, wedding planning, floristry, personal training, writing.

Maybe you’ve even taken the step of re-training and skilling yourself up: working toward a fully certified qualification in social media management, life coaching or hypnotherapy – the end of the course is in sight, you’ve done the studying and hard work. There’s just the *ahem* simple task of launching your new services ahead of you.

No Big Deal, Right??

No Big Deal, Right??

Only… it IS a big deal!


I know because I’ve been there, and I struggled on my own.

It took 9 months of trying group workshops, mentoring, coaching AND an online business course to get me starting up my own venture from scratch. But once I did, it flew, and within a month of quitting my job whilst on mat leave back in 2016 I was matching my old salary in (very) part-time hours, and working from home too. I did it in the simplest, most straightforward way possible as well – because I had to, quite frankly, as a mum. I couldn’t waste time, I needed to get straight to the point of bringing an income in, no messing.

And if you want to do something like that, I want that for you too.

Motherhood changes E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. and although you’re still that same driven and ambitious woman, you’re now operating with less time, energy and thinking space to get stuff done. Plus at least one, two or maybe even more small humans who rely on you for their day to day survival (no biggie).

You need:

  • To shortcut your learning
  • To not faff around anymore
  • To stop getting lost online in an insta-scrolling spiral
  • To move forwards, once and for all
  • To take practical action
  • To be brave, confidant and bold about your work and business ideas
  • To make money, doing what you love, in the simplest way possible
You’re going solo in your business, but you really just wish you had someone reliable to bounce ideas off. Share your big dreams with. Cook up plans and figure out strategy. Talk at length about the important things without feeling guilty or like you’re offloading.

We all know the saying that ‘it takes a village’. Working for yourself is no different. You may be a sole trader, but that doesn’t mean having to forge ahead entirely alone.


I  can help.

I’m a Certified Life and Executive Coach. I hold a degree in Management and a Diploma in Business Enterprise. I bring 15 years experience of on-the-job working in small businesses in marketing, research and project management roles with entrepreneurs, social enterprises, freelancers and creatives to everything that I do.

Alongside my coaching qualification, I am a trained mentor and experienced workshop facilitator. I’m able to offer a neutral, reflective space for you to think, create, strategise and execute your ideas.

I also happen to love a plan, and helping you make (and implement) yours successfully is 100% my goal.

Think of us working together as a partnership, with me in a temporary role as mentor, coach, sounding board and accountability partner in your business, as you take things to where you want them to be:

  • Ideas brought to life
  • New income opportunities in place
  • More clients, bookings or sales
  • Knowing where you’re going, and how you’ll get there

Lets make that stuff happen; together.

What’s included in a Coaching Package?

What’s included in a Coaching Package?

It’s specifically designed for women, especially those with young children; totally flexible to fit around your free time, which I know all too well can change on a daily hourly basis with little ones around.

Its created by me: a mum who has been there, knows what your struggles are (hello 👋🏻 lack of headspace, time, energy…) and will work with you around them, not ask you to fight against them.

Each Package kicks off goal-setting and planning session, to get the bigger picture clearly defined. During the time we work together you get coaching sessions, the option of email support and tailored exercises and ‘homework’ set to help you make progress and stay on track.

Your Coaching Package in detail:

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions
To get past blocks, uncover subconscious fears, and set 100% clear goals that motivate. Coaching is learning in action; enabling you to figure out YOUR way out of a problem, with my full support. You get 6 x 60 minute 1:1 coaching sessions via phone or Skype.

Tailored Resources & Exercises
To swiftly get you OUT of that comfort zone you may have nicely eased into. I will design prompts that sit alongside the goals you will be setting yourself during our coaching sessions, and that will stretch you juuuuust enough to take you where you know you want to be.

I’ll be checking in with you weekly between sessions, even (or especially!) if you go quiet on me. Its proven that having to be accountable to another person increases the likelihood of achieving a goal. However, don’t worry – I’m NOT going to be nagging you, or berating you if you stumble or get lost on the way – I’m your coach, not your boss. I’m here to help, always.

Access to my network
I have been working with female-led (and often parent-focused) businesses of all kinds for some time and have an extensive network of contacts who offer specialist services I can hook you up with. If I can’t help you with it myself, I’m sure to know someone who can.

PLUS a Special Bonus…
12 months membership to the Making It Happen hub, a place where you can access a growing library of business trainings, monthly group coaching and regular planning support to keep you on track for a full year ahead. Value of this element alone is £324.

The end result?

You feeling confident, clear and with a plan of action in place going forward that suits you (and your family’s) lifestyle right down to the ground. You’ll be supported, motivated and feel absolutely confident in how to make a huge success of your venture.

Your Investment

Your investment is £695 for 6 months of support. Payment Plan available of £95 deposit then £100/month x 6.

Alternatively, pay in full and save £100 = £595

Sound good? Then let’s talk

Sound good? Then let’s talk

I’m taking bookings for this Coaching Package currently, so drop me a line if you are interested or book in for a call to talk about your idea and check if this service is right for you.

“I don’t think I’d be up and running otherwise…. Thank You! x”

Helen, Founder – All About Mama

“Lucy believes in you and is excellent at getting you to believe in yourself. Her coaching sessions have really helped me to focus on specific goals and set realistic timescales. I would highly recommend any mum new to setting up her business to give Brand New Mum coaching a go!”

Phoebe, Founder – The Beehive

At last count, a Small Business Centre report (Kingston University, 2015) found that there are 287,000 self-employed mamas out there. That’s over a quarter of a million mums who are doing it for the kids, and it’s a group that’s grown by a whopping 70% in the last 7 years.


Fancy joining us?


Click the button below to book in for a complementary 30 minute consultation call to check this package is right for you, to see if we’d be a good fit for working together, and to answer any questions you may have.


I look forward to speaking with you!

Things you should know…

Things you should know…

It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme

I’m NOT suggesting you join any multi-level marketing schemes, or promising that you will make a million in the next year (although yey for you if you do get to that figure!). I simply want to help you to find a way to make a living from what you are GOOD at. That might be something totally new, or it could be what you do already.

It’s not only for extroverts and the super-confident

It’s not about doing icky stuff, being OTT salesy, or forcing round pegs into square holes. We aren’t all bloggers, or vloggers, or fashionistas – although there is nothing stopping you doing that, if it’s what you want! We all have our unique talents and skills and there is a way to work for yourself in a way that’s authentic, honest and all ‘you’.


I've not got any business experience, will I get this stuff?
That’s okay – don’t worry! You don’t need to be an expert in business. Everyone has their own unique talents, and this is about uncovering yours rather than forcing you into some pre-determined mold. We’ve all had enough of that in the workplace, right??
I don’t have the time to grow my business – it takes too long and I’m juggling looking after the kids
We will work together on strategies to find you that time that you need – it’s all part of the programme.
It’s a big investment for me – how will I know it’ll pay off?
I paid this amount several times over searching for my solution. In addition, it took me a whole year to figure out the answers! That was a year of devouring books, watching how-to videos, researching ideas online, attending a live group personal development programme, hiring a business mentor, taking online courses and FINALLY working 1:1 with a coach, all in order to get the answers I needed and reach the very happy point I’m now at. Let me be the shortcut through ALL of that for you; as I’ll share everything I’ve learned on my journey with you when we work together.

Only YOU know if you are prepared to put in the effort and come with the attitude that you CAN and WILL make this work for you, too – if you are, then I look forward to working with you!

Ask yourself

Do you want to do this alone, or with support?

Do you know deep down that with the right help, your ambitions are achievable?

How much are you actually working on your business, as well as in the business?

If you have the drive and determination, I can help you get where you want to be.

Still not 100%?

In that case I’d still HIGHLY recommend we chat further, as I’d love to find you the help you need (even if it’s not from me) – book in for a free, no-strings attached 30-minute consultation call by clicking here and we can figure out what the best way forward is for you and your ideas.

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