Being Youself in Your Business And Bringing Personality To Your Work

Being totally passionate about the products you make, or service you provide, is a huge piece of the business start-up puzzle.

The other key element is who you are as a person. You need to make sure that whatever you’re doing is a good fit with your personality and preferred mode of working, otherwise you’ll constantly be battling yourself in order to stay motivated and get things done.

There are loads of personality profiling systems out there that can help you do that. Two of the biggest are Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessments, and Roger Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics™ (WD) test.

I’ve had the opportunity to do both, and each was incredibly helpful in providing insight into why I’d been getting stuck on certain things, or exactly what it was that appealed to me about my own business ideas and ambitions.

Taking the WD test especially was a real eye-opener, as it explains how we can apply our preferred modes of working to a business enterprise; and demonstrates how each of us can approach the same idea in totally different ways.

For example; maybe you’re a beauty therapist by trade. You’ve worked in a salon for 10-15 years, and tried being a self-employed mobile therapist too. Now you’d love to use your experience to start up a new business; one that has bigger potential for a better income and flexible hours. You want to use your talents and knowledge, stay broadly in the same field, but do something bolder and more ambitious than just swapping your time for money in a paid-by-the-hour scenario.


Different Approaches 

There’s SO many ways you could do that, but totally different approaches would feel natural to each individual, depending on how your brain is wired.

  • If you’re an extrovert and a great communicator, you might decide to pair up with a friend who’s a hairdresser and start offering makeovers experiences for birthday parties or hen get-togethers, or do hair and makeup for bridal parties at weddings. You could expand it into an agency; taking bookings and bringing in new partners to provide the service.
  • If you’re driven by detail and like get into methods and processes, you could start up a vlog or blog showing your beauty hauls and detailing tips and tricks for step-by-step DIY beauty routines.   You could teach in-person classes to show women how to do new make-up looks that suit their age, or for problem skin, or a special event.
  • If you have an eye for a bargain and are a great deal-maker, you may want to work at spotting the next big beauty trend and set up as an eBay or amazon seller, bringing the latest products to market.
  • If you’re naturally very supportive and good with people, you could set up as a branding consultant for fellow self-employed therapists, helping them to market themselves online via social media, set up in business and find new clients.
  • If you’re a really creative type you might come up with a totally new idea; a twist on a product/service that isn’t being done elsewhere…

So do you see how one person could go into business in any number of ways, just by applying their natural talents and interests to the way they decide to approach it?

How do you use your skills and innate talents in your business?

Or how could you?

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Together we can make sure what you decide to do both comes naturally and flows; that it feels easy and is a joy to crack on with every day. What could be better than that?

On your own start-up adventure?

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