Small steps are the easiest to take – but can also feel like the least impactful when you’ve got big dreams in your head.

We all know the journey of a thousand steps starts with the first one; but it can be hard to get going when you feel like whatever you’re doing is a drop in the ocean, and on top of that maybe you’re not even sure where you want to end up.

I think when you get into overwhelm and find yourself chasing your own tail its crucial to break out of the negative pattern somehow, and fast. I’ve posted before about ways to get out of this vicious cycle. In addition this month I’ve come up with a fun month-long challenge to help aspiring mum bosses to focus on moving forward with daily small steps: Mamas On A Mission.

The mission is simple: I’ll be posting on my Instagram feed one short, fun & creative activity to do per day throughout October. Each should take no more than 30 minutes max – and several will be more like just 5. The idea is that the challenge will keep you on your toes and get asses in gear with any business plans being plotted or ideas that are stewing away….

The idea is by the end of the month you’ll have moved forward in lots of little ways that hopefully = BIG results!

If you like the sound of it, you can find the first challenge here on my Instagram, and if you want to join in just comment on there and I’ll then tag you in the daily posts so you don’t miss any.

If you missed the start of the challenge and want to catch up, just follow the hashtag: #mamamission2018.

Good luck mamas, if you decide to join in I look forward to kicking your butts (in the nicest possible way, I promise) and seeing how everyone gets on!

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