Hello there Mama,


I know you because I’ve been there too – a brand new mum, excited and scared at the same time, overwhelmed and overjoyed to be on the weird, lovely and often very challenging non-stop rollercoaster that is motherhood.

I know that you are clever, creative and talented. That you want to do the best by your child (or maybe even children) and your family. But that what worked before kids doesn’t seem to quite fit now. Going back to your old job might feel like you’re just working to pay for childcare. Perhaps your employer isn’t turning out to be quite as flexible as you’d hoped. And the thought of being tied to a desk 9-5pm is giving you some serious FOMO…

A shift in perspective

The baby you had may be growing up fast now, but that life-altering shift in perspective stays with you. You’ve always wanted to do something different, to start with a fresh slate. And I think motherhood gives us just that. For me, becoming a mum meant I stopped sweating the small stuff. When you’ve just spent 9 months growing and 48 hours birthing an actual real life human, suddenly all the other crap just fades away a bit. Life becomes for living in the moment, as children (or more specifically nappies, feeds and tears) ALWAYS rule the schedule and you really can’t plan life in the same way any more. When you learn to stop fighting it, and just go with it and get swept along in the toy-strewn, drooly tide, you realise what matters.

For me, this meant I suddenly became hugely and painfully aware of my true priorities – to live life to the full with my family. In the words of Beyonce, to BE HAPPY. And by that I don’t always mean spending every second with my daughter either, as I’m at my best with her when I’m well rested, nurtured and cared for in body, mind AND spirit, and goddamit I need alone time for that! I love all 20-odd lbs of her, but I still need a Hendricks and a hot bath at the end of the day as much as the next woman.

So what’s the alternative?

When I was first on maternity leave I spent time looking for my ‘tribe’. I went to sling meets, breastfeeding cafes and baby yoga. However I’m just not a naturally extroverted person, and making nap-time small talk with strangers felt weird and too much like hard work to me. I found my existing friends & family were there for my social needs, and instead I was looking for support that I could access in the many lonely moments – during the long night feeds, or the afternoon nap times at home when my friends IRL were at work. So I found my tribe instead online, in the new droves of Insta-Mums that suddenly seemed to fill my social media feeds. Where had they been hiding?? In a well-dressed, colourful cupboard apparently! I loved the aspirational, inspirational, entrepreneurial, community spirit, and the beat-a-new-path attitude of Mere Souer, Mother Pukka and Selfish Mother. These were mums who were living life on their own terms, using what they do best, what they know and what comes naturally to carve out a new kind of business for themselves.

However designing, fashion and vlogging really aren’t my thing…but I quickly realised what I did love, and so my coaching business was born. Using my experience of supporting start-ups, coaching freelancers and fundraising for creative projects, alongside my obsession/enjoyment of discovering amazing, fun brands, I am now busy developing coaching programmes and packages that can help women at any level to get started on their own business ideas.

Get stuck in, have a look round and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you so please do get in touch – ask me questions, tell me your hopes and fears, come to me with your business conundrums – and I promise I will do all I can to help!!

Lucy x

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