Hey there, you.

I work with a lot of women like you.

Brave, talented, conscientious women. Women that want more, and want to do more to shape the world, too.

You’ve tried toeing the line and doing business (and life) the traditional way – and it just doesn’t feel right. You’ve got ideas, so many ideas, that actually the real problem is this: you don’t know where to start, or even if you should

But if you don’t?
You’ll always be wondering, ‘what if?’ and resent playing small.

7 years ago, I took my own leap of faith.

On mat leave, feeling totally trapped by old-school family expectations and the career path laid out ahead of me, I sat down to type out my flexible working request to my boss.

Instead – I wrote my notice.

And once the genie was out of the bottle, I couldn’t get it back in.

So instead of returning to work once my mat leave was up, I mustered all the courage I could and threw myself into building a successful coaching and consultancy business, instead.

In doing so I found a whole new world of women, truly breaking the mold – with exciting business models and brilliant socially-focused ambitions, reclaiming their power to create real change.

Women who were doing life differently

I decided to make it my mission to help women unlock their potential and make the bold decision to turn their ‘what if’ ideas into a reality.

Now, I help women who are just like you and I, to build thriving, fulfilling, meaningful businesses that light up their heart and soul. That do WAY more than simply paying the bills.

Through coaching I’ll help you tap back into those big dreams and believe once again that they are possible. Then apply strategic mentoring to map out exactly how to make it happen. If you need hands-on help, I can roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, too – supporting with fundraising, training and project management needs.

My whole approach is grounded in 3 clear phases: Vision, Experiment and Decisions, allowing you to explore all of what’s available, try out ideas, and most importantly – make progress, too. 

My clients have built six-figure ventures, raised significant funds, left corporate careers, retrained in totally different disciplines, successfully tripled their rates, launched businesses and monetised creative skills that were once simply hobbies. Nothing is off the table, and the choice is always yours.

When we’ve finished working together, you’ll have clarity on your direction, confidence in your decisions and a perfectly clear plan of action, so you can create more income, impact and change in this world.

If you’ve had enough of playing small and are really ready for a bigger life, without limits, let’s talk.


Everything starts with a conversation. It’s time to book yours.


Want more?

I want to figure out how to improve my offer suite and raise my rates – where should I start?

I need some 1:1 support to help me realise my big ambitions asa a freelance Consultant, Coach, Trainer or Creative

I’m not sure what I need right now – can you give me a little advice and inspiration first, please?

Not sure where you’re at?

Then send me more details about what’s going on for you and we could set up a time for a virtual brew, to get your head straight and talk your options through.

No small talk, I promise. I am a Coach after all – I like the juicy questions 😉

Just a whole lot of love, plus a chance to take a reality check.

I look forward to chatting with you…

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