We all need help sometimes to step back and take a look at the bigger picture: separate the wood from the trees. Coaching is a brilliant tool for doing that – a good coach can hold a mirror up to whatever issues you are facing, and help you to figure out the best way forward, gaining clarity and momentum.

I recently had the opportunity to use my coaching skills (gained with The Coaching Academy) working with a group of young creative entrepreneurs from Contact’s Future Fires programme, who were all in the process of starting up their own creative projects or enterprises. It was a hugely inspiring experience and I can’t wait to see where their enthusiasm, ideas and amazing drive takes them over the coming months. Using coaching, I helped them to set clear goals, figure out their priorities, and tackle the many hurdles business start-ups often face.

‘I mostly appreciated Lucy’s professionalism and encouragement … she helped me to dig much deeper than I would have without her, and having such clarity has helped me to find my own solutions. I continue to see the impact even now. Lucy is an excellent coach, she is very genuine and very helpful.’

Future Fire coachee


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