Think Productive are a fantastic company that deliver training to help you increase your productivity at work and in life. I discovered their training whilst managing a leadership skills development project, and have been lucky enough to be able to attend both the Inbox To Zero (yes, really, it is possible!) and How to Get Things Done workshops that Think Productive deliver. I was excited to hear that the founder Graham Allcott has now put all he teaches into a new book: How to be a Productivity Ninja.

The book turns traditional time management on its head, and asks us to accept the fact that we’re never actually going to get ‘everything’ done – so instead we should focus on finding ways to ensure that we’re always doing the most appropriate thing at any given time. This idea has really struck a chord with me, and got me thinking about re-prioritising my to-do lists, concentrating on what actually delivers results. In the words of John Wooden; ‘Don’t mistake activity with achievement’!

Both the book and workshops use an engaging, down-to-earth tone, bringing in amusing anecdotes and real-life examples throughout to illustrate ideas. The book’s key metaphor, of approaching your work as a ‘ninja’, gives a light-hearted approach that works really well. Developing ninja attributes such as zen-like calm, ruthlessness and unorthodoxy is an idea that gives a new spin to how we can work as efficiently and effectively as possible in today’s age of ‘information overload’.

As a coach I’ve worked with lots of people who have suffered with procrastination, lack of clarity and overload, and the engaging, straightforward advice Think Productive give address these all too common issues with simple tools, tricks and methods that stop us getting overwhelmed. They suggest building a management system that can act as a ‘second brain’ – essentially getting everything out of your head and into a system that you can rely on and trust, and that won’t fall to pieces when a sudden emergency rears its ugly head at work or at home and leaves you wanting to throw in the towel.

If you are struggling with managing multiple projects or are in need of some clarity when it comes to approaching the way you work, I’d really recommend the book, or better yet going to one of the public workshops, which are run across the UK regularly.

The lovely Think Productive team have given me a discount code to share with you for their public workshops: Visit to find a workshop near you and use code LG30 when you book to get 30% off their usual prices.