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Strategic Business Coaching Package

Time to set the foundations for a purposeful, profitable, sustainable business

This intensive 1:1 Coaching & Consultancy Programme is an intervention, designed to support established female service-led business owners who are ready to SHIFT up a gear into getting paid well to run a business they truly love.

CAN I JUST CHECK…. Are you feeling chilled out right now? Relaxed, at ease? Is the work, money, client bookings all flowing well for you, with zero overwhelm or burnout? Do you know exactly where you want to be headed next, with a clear plan to do so?

If so – amazing. That’s bloody brilliant and you are obviously in a great place. Celebrate that!

Also (I’m kinda gutted to say) you DON’T need me.

Because I work with women who are ready to make a big shift. Because there’s far too much going on right now:

– They’re always chasing their tail; with a to-do list that needs trimming
– They’re busy with work all the time, and feel complelled to say yes to every piece of work coming there way – just in case it all falls apart tomorrow
– They can’t see the wood for the trees, as their lives are very full on
– They are full of new ideas and solutions that *could* change everything, but no idea where to start with implementing
– They’re talented professionals, generating plenty of income – but are very aware it’s nowhere near what they deserve for the extensive skills, dedication and years of experience they have
– They’re frustrated that golden opportunities to grow seem to be forever out of reach, as they aren’t prioritising properly and instead getting stuck in the weeds

This support is specifically designed to help you break out of the busy-cycle you’ve found yourself stuck in. To finally see yourself for the truly talented, professional you are, and start making a real profit and reaping the rewards for all that effort you’re already putting in.

I help specialist service providers running independent business ventures to find FOCUS, FLOW and FREEDOM in their business (and as a consequence, their life too!).


Imagine if you could finally…
  • sit down at your desk every day feeling confident about your priorities, knowing exactly what to focus on next
  • map out and capture all those burning ideas, making sense of them once and for all
  • take a deep breath, and (with my full support) potentially change up your business model and way of working entirely.
  • let go of what wasn’t working, by weeding out the ‘busy work’ from the stuff that gets actual, tangible results
  • figure out a new strategy, as the business model you started with somehow isn’t *quite* working out.
  • start utilising your unique strengths, skills and resources, to build a business you can fall back in love with.
  • sign the clients you want, at a rate that you’re proud of
  • finally see the profits of your labour, with a bank balance that truly reflects the hard work you’ve been putting in and unlimited potential for growth
  • confidently bring in the right support, at the right time, to free up your own capacity and focus on where you excel

Its results-focused and intensive, but minus the hustle. It’s all about paring back to simple systems (that work!), finding new solutions and leveraging your skill-set and resources in ways that are a fit for you.

Quite frankly, its a whole new way of working.


Are you ready?


I support women like you, who are fed up of feeling busy, stressed out and burned out and are ready instead to change things up – to experiment, evolve and finally make more, even whilst doing less. You’ve had a degree of success, sure – you’re busy with clients, income is flowing and have a great network. But its come at a price. Your sanity! You’re feeling like… is this it? Because this feels pretty stressful right now, and you’re SO ready for that to change.

I know that you’re….

  • Ready to move on from the ‘analysis-paralysis’ of trying to figure out which idea will work before you start
  • Trapped in a business you’ve built mostly on a time-for-money model
  • Dropping the ball on moving forward big projects whenever things get busy
  • Dreaming of something REALLY big for your business in the near future, but it seems slightly out of reach right now

If you only had more time, right? Well I’m sorry to say, a shiny time management solution is NOT the answer here.

You will ALWAYS be busy, as you’re full of ideas

You will ALWAYS have more of those ‘unmissable’ opportunities arising to deal with

You will ALWAYS have a never-ending to-do list

The answer isn’t to juggle the balls better, or faster! Its to stop, take stock, and:

  • Remember why you’re doing this in the first place
  • Build a new business model from the ground up that works for you; founded on your personality, strengths and resources
  • Identify where the great results are coming from and drop the work that isn’t delivering
  • Discover how to simplify and pare back your systems
  • Decide on your focus and know your priorities (so shiny object syndrome becomes a thing of the past)

The Blueprint is designed as an ‘intervention’, to interrupt your patterns and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back, create new systems that work for you (not against you), help you experiment and explore your many creative ideas, and support you in making brave choices.

This is a truly collaborative coaching experience; think of me as a temporary business partner walking alongside you as we work together, cheerleading, supporting and holding you accountable along the way.

Cos believe me I know; it’s hard going it alone!
Working with Lucy has been fantastic. One of the most challenging aspects of being self-employed for me is working alone. It’s been great to have someone to act as a sounding board for new ideas and to take time out through coaching calls to analyse my motivations for deciding to pursue (or not) different business opportunities.

I’ve realised that I’m not much of a planner, but working with Lucy has helped me to break tasks down into manageable chunks and she’s helped me to take baby steps towards new goals.

During the coaching package I have:

– started a new private FB group for clients who have been on my hypnobirthing workshops.

– Sorted out my branding profile and what I want to say on social media. Put together a social media strategy.

– Made some key decisions about which elements of my business I want to focus on in the future.

It’s also been really good in terms of fostering that ‘growth mindset’ that it’s okay to try new things, sometimes they will work out and sometimes not, and that’s okay. Investing in coaching with Lucy, is investing in yourself and your business, if you are not sure if it’s for you, I would say just go for it. You’ll see the benefits very quickly.


Natalie Qureshi Birth Coach

Our Work Together

Our Work Together

What do we cover?

This impactful 1:1 Coaching & Consultancy Package consists of a combination of 1:1 Coaching Sessions, bespoke Consultancy to advise on strategy and getting the right plans in place, Resources, Guided Exercises and Personality Profiling.

We’ll cover all of these elements whilst we work together:

Alternatives Audit

We conduct a results-focused review of your business, what’s working, what isn’t and where it all fits with your plans. What could business look like for you, if it was truly all that you imagined it could be?

Open notebook

Profit Potential

We dive together behind the scenes in your business, to see how you can improve your results by simplifying and creating better ways of working. Together we’ll identify the hidden goldmines, quick wins, plus longer-term changes to make.

Success Strategy

We put in place the foundations for a profitable, strong business model that plays to your strengths, skills and resources. We get clarity on your services, your ideal client, pricing and audience-building. Understand what will move the needle and get results.

Experiment & Evolve

Time to explore; I’m right there with you whilst you implement new ideas, consolidate your strengths and tap into your true potential. We’ll work past roadblocks & create breakthroughs in your business. Income up, stress down, is the goal!

Taking a holistic approach

The work I do is designed especially for women, who also work for themselves. We’ll be taking into account Life AND Work stuff, and planning for the unexpected as well.

Every coaching session, you can expect to:

  • Check-in and track progress
  • Set new goals and create actions to take
  • Explore your ideas and options; following your pace
  • Receive ‘homework’ challenges to push you gently past your comfort zone
  • Use templates, tools and resources I provide, all tailored to your business, to get a clear plan laid out for your Business Blueprint

Your Coaching sessions are a confidential, private space in which to explore your biggest vision for your life, greatest ambitions for the business and find the belief in yourself that you need to make those things a reality. I believe in you, and I am here to help you succeed.

That’s the beauty of coaching: zero hidden agenda; its all about you.

It all starts with a complimentary Consultation Call to check we’d be a good fit working together:

Your Package…

Your Package..

BONUS: Wealth Dynamics Personality Profiling

Wealth Dynamics TM Personality Profiling is a brilliant tool. It helps you to understand how your strengths and skills can be put to best use in your business – to really create a thriving venture that totally fits your natural skillset.

Business Blueprint - Coaching & Consultancy

This is for you IF: You’re ready to stop feeling stressed out, busy and overwhelmed. You KNOW that something’s gotta give, somewhere and you want to make it what you choose, before it chooses you!

You get a sounding board to bounce ideas off, coaching to figure out which route to take forward plus consultancy support to create a strategic action plan, and implement it too.

Your Package will include, over a full 4 months of support:

– Business Audit Questionnaire to complete ahead of our sessions
– 8 x 50min 1:1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom (+ recordings)
– Access to a Personal Online Client Portal to keep you on track
– Regular check-ins from me to help you stay accountable
– Planning templates and tools to create your Business Blueprint
– Tailored resources and exercises
– Voxer support Monday-Friday 9-5pm

PLUS your bonus: Wealth DynamicsTM Personality Profiling

Package Rate: £3300 paid in full (or payment plan of 5 x £700) for 4 months of support.

If you’d like support, let’s talk:

Why Work With Me?


I’m a Certified Personal and Business Coach. I hold a degree in Management, and a Diploma in Business Enterprise from The University of Manchester. I bring 15 years experience of on-the-job working in small businesses in marketing, research and project management roles with entrepreneurs, social enterprises, freelancers and creatives to everything that I do.

Alongside my coaching qualification, I am a trained mentor and experienced workshop facilitator. I’m able to offer a neutral, reflective space for you to think, create, strategise and execute your ideas.

I specialise in business development and strategy – i.e. all the stuff you need to successfully, sustainably grow your business venture.

I also happen to love a plan, and helping you make (and implement) yours successfully is 100% my goal.

Think of us working together as a partnership, with me in a temporary role in your life and in your business, as you take things to where you want them to be:

  • Ideas brought to life
  • New income opportunities in place
  • More clients, bookings or sales
  • Knowing where you’re going, and how you’ll get there

Lets make that stuff happen; together.

Lucy Green Business Coach

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